What are Libra Liquidity Auctions?

Libra Liquidity Auctions is an industrial auction marketplace for the digital era. It combines the convenience and efficiency of e-Commerce shopping with the known benefits of an auction for buyers looking for industrial equipment.

Auction vs Wholesale

Buying at auction provides a buyer with the unique opportunity to test market value without committing to a purchase. Think of this as a reverse negotiation. When buying, a seller will typically set the price. Finding a minimum price involves a lot of back and forth and uncertainty. In the world of industrial auctions, that strategy is flipped, starting with a low point and allowing the market to decide what an item is worth. This often enables you to find items you’re looking for at a substantial discount. 

What can I expect to find in an Libra Liquidity Auction?

Our auction categories vary somewhat, but stay in the industrial surplus, MRO, and electrical equipment space. 

How are Libra Liquidity Auctions Different?

Condition of Materials

Libra Liquidity Auctions are unique because the items up for bid can be verified as authentic because we handle the chain of ownership from original owner, retailer, or manufacturer right to the point of auction. 

We’re able to do this by building relationships with these distributors and manufacturers. They come to Libra Liquidity to find the appropriate circular market solution for their unused but still valuable assets. We appraise, process, and even warehouse these items for them, so we truly do see these auctions through from start to finish. 

What if I can’t find something I’m looking for?

Libra Liquidity Auctions is a subsidiary of ARCA Industries. Our clients come to us to liquidate or auction items they no longer need. This means we are in a unique position to help you find what you’re looking for. 

If you’d like to submit an item request, please contact us here. 

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