The Efficiency of e-Auctions

Why consider e-Auctions? The answer is simple: efficiency

Libra Liquidity Auctions embraces the transparency and efficiency that comes with our process. We make e-commerce convenient in order to create a pleasant experience for all people involved, especially our customers.  

A lot of different factors go into making an e-auction convenient. In order for us to be successful, we pay attention to detail and follow a few steps to move us in the right direction. 

Our e-Auction Process

industrial supply auctions - Libra Liquidity

So what’s the process of an e-auction look like? First, it starts with tracking inventory. We use a conveyor belt to capture details of the product we are going to sell. We create production specifications and attributes which then get stored in a database. 

The days of creating listings with pen and paper are long gone. Creating listings by hand for every single lot that is going to be auctioned is a process rife with errors. We make sure to export that data in a different format to create an accurate and precise listing for a potential  buyer. 

Even though the intake process has similarities to other e-auction processes, we utilize a different method for exporting, using technology that isn’t being used anywhere else. We export data in a different format, and the exporting and use of that data in separate formats means we don’t have to go through a special process in order to do an auction. 

The model we use is what makes us unique and standout. We also have auctioneers that have worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. 

Libra Liquidity e-Auctions

e auctions Bidspotter - Libra Liquidity

We offer some of the best industrial equipment, and it’s easy to get started on your bidding! We use Autco, an online industrial marketplace, to host our auctions. This promises our buyers a secure transaction.

Interested in purchasing quality products? Take a look at our inventory, and while you’re at it, set up your account with BidSpotter to start bidding!

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