Terms & Conditions

Libra Liquidity makes no claims, guarantees, warranties, or promises on behalf of any Manufacturer, Brand, Company or Distributor. Libra Liquidity may not be an authorized distributor of any products Libra Liquidity carries, sells, stocks, ships, or transfers possession of.

All items purchased for install, resale or for any other reason are purchased solely at the buyer’s risk. Libra Liquidity’s “In-House” Warranty is limited to the cost or replacement of the item in question in the event that the item does not work properly. Libra Liquidity does not offer compensation for any damage, injury or death in the event of misuse or improper installation of the sold item. It is the buyer’s responsibility to test any item purchased from Libra Liquidity before install or use. Libra Liquidity accepts no responsibility for damage, injury or death caused directly or indirectly by an item we sell. Libra Liquidity does not make claims on behalf of the safety implications associated with any item Libra Liquidity sells. It is the buyers responsibility to properly ensure the safety of any item Libra Liquidity sells before install or use.

Any engagement with Libra Liquidity including, but not limited to; purchase, sale, consignment or transfer of property certifies that you have read, and agree to, our disclaimer.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help.

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