Product Conditions at Libra Liquidity

About Libra Liquidity

At Libra Liquidity, there are certain standards that we hold ourselves to when conducting business. Aside from our customers, our biggest “assets” are our transparency, honesty, and integrity. 

We would never go against those core values that we fought so hard to build, establish, and maintain, for the purpose of making a quick sale. Those fundamental values are reflected in the conditions that we give our inventory. 

Our Process


Every item that comes through our doors, from the largest piece of high voltage equipment to the smallest light, is meticulously inspected to ensure a proper condition is given. 


Once fully inspected, a condition code is given to each product before reaching our shelves. We do our best to ensure that the condition given is as accurate as possible as to not mislead our customers. 

It would be easy to slap a label on each item, stating that the item is in pristine condition and there is nothing wrong with it to make a quick sale, and then deal with the repercussions later. However, that is not what we are about here at Libra Liquidity. 

Product Conditions

Our product conditions follow a very basic model: Recovered, repackaged, used, and salvaged.

A recovered product is an item that is unscathed surplus, has never been used, and has no defects while remaining in the original packaging. It’s  always represented as “less-than-new.”

A repackaged item is also unscathed and has been used, however, it does not have the original packaging and is repackaged in an Libra Liquidity box.

Refurbished, certified repairs were performed on a used product to bring it back up to working condition. Used is a working item that has been installed and used.

A used item may or may not remain in the original packaging.

Salvaged is an item that is damaged and cannot be used for a particular purpose, but still carries salvageable value. 

Libra Liquidity Transparency

As our company grows, we want to ensure that our three fundamental values will always remain the same. While condition labels may seem subtle in the grand scheme of our business, it provides an added level of transparency in knowing exactly what they are getting time and time again.

To learn more about our e-auctions, read this blog. 

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